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Posted on March 5 2013

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Home remedies is anything you may have in your home that may cure what ails you, other than medicine that a doctor would prescribe. For acne (pimples) wash face gently with soap and warm water and pat dry. Dip a clean cloth into a solution of 1 tsp salt dissolved in 8 oz warm water and pat the pimples, let dry for an hour and then rinse with cold water. Warm water opens pores of skin, salt gets rid of bacteria, and cold water closes pores of skin. Something that is really good for dandruff and a conditioner for your hair is a raw egg and rosemary leaves. Crack open a raw egg and put contents into a blender with 1 tbs rosemary leaves and puree it until really foamy. Pour entire contents into your hair and massage scalp like you wash hair. Leave on hair as long as you can stand it then wash out with warm water. The protein in the egg is good for hair growth and rosemary will heal dandruff. Hope I have enlightened you.
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